Saturday, March 7, 2009

Michelle Obama and Dr House

No, no relationship whatsoever, these are just the last caricatures I'm working on now, I am trying to refine and define my style and to use more and more all the capabilities Photoshop bring to accomplish our art, I have been playing with layers and layer modes as well as some new brushes that I have created as well as playing with levels, noise etc, My goal is to render paintings that have depth, kind of like 3d... you will say well, why don't you learn 3d programs!, well I have tried especially with Zbrush, but it takes too long to learn and to create a painting, the results are not the same, it's more like sculpture and I love painting.. so anyways I hop you enjoy these two works in progress

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Gonza Rodriguez said...

Gracias David por tu comentario!
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